Arran - Single Malt Rare Batch 15Y 53.5% alk.

1.395,00 DKK

Det har været muligt at tappe i alt 3.060 flasker af denne whisky, hvoraf kun 216 flasker kommer til Danmark.

Model/varenr.: 110-250-13-42

Arran - Single Malt Rare Batch 15Y 53.5% alk. 70 cl. 

James MacTaggart’s tasting notes:

Nose: A warm spring day in the garden. Gentle cedar oak and a touch of sandalwood and incense with a sweet contrast of freshly squeezed white grapes, sweet pink lady apple and orange blossom.

Palate: A sparkling, oily texture enhanced and complimented by the higher alcohol volume. It’s picnic time with trays of honeyed fruits, sweet vanilla and orange cake with a touch of nutmeg, warm brioche buns and mango puree.

Finish: Warm spices, oak tannins and mandarin liqueur.

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